Technical workwear


Practical dungarees with suspenders made of high quality fibre. It is a perfect match with technical sweatshirt. Due to many ergonomic pockets the dungarees are highly functional. They help to protect from low risk external factors such as cuts or abrasions.


  • Colour
    • Grey
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Navy blue
    • Green
    • Any colour on request
  • Legs and sleeves
    • Straight leg cuff
    • Leg cuff with welt
    • Leg cuff with snap
  • Front pocket
    • No pocket
    • Pocket with snaps
    • Two pockets
    • Pocket with a flap
  • Side pocket
    • No pocket
    • Outer pocket
    • Side pocket with snaps
    • Two side pockets
    • Side pocket with a flap